Our Charities and Sponsorships

We are driven by a very strong belief that we should do the right thing for each other, for our clients and for our communities.

We all believe that we have a responsibility to support and nurture the good causes that have helped either ourselves, our clients or our families and friends through difficult times.

We are also humbled by the sheer hard work and determination shown by voluntary organisations and community groups both locally and nationally; never giving up and constantly striving to deliver the very best they can for the good causes and communities they represent and support.

Our Charity Partners
Our Sponsorships

St. James's Place Charitable Foundation

For five years, Tony Anderson sat on the St. James's Place Charitable Foundation Committee and we actively support the St. James's Place Charitable Foundation.

Employee Volunteer Day

Alena, Becky, Luke and Tony from the Anderson Financial Management team were privileged to be volunteer leaders at The South West Panathlon in 2019. The event was sponsored by the St. James's Place Charitable Foundation and was a fantastic opportunity for team building as well as an enriching way to get involved in the local community.

Panathlon is a charity that provides sporting opportunities to over 13,000 disabled young people every year. Children with disabilities and special needs come together to take part in ‘mini-Paralympic’ multi-sport competitions. All teams compete across the traditional Panathlon multisport events of boccia, polybat, new-age kurling, table cricket, field athletics and athletics races. For many of the children its their first opportunity to compete as a team in sport and taking part is rewarding and fun for all involved.

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