Our Business Clients

We work alongside many different types of businesses as well as different types of business people. Our clients vary from budding entrepreneurs to partners in professional practices to leaders of charities.


We love working alongside dynamic businesses driven by entrepreneurs with a long-term ambition to achieve fast sustainable growth. We engage with many business leaders at the point where their organisation is organisation is turning enough profit to see cash in the bank, and they are wondering how best to use these assets. Ironically this often occurs during a time when an entrepreneur needs to be giving their business more focus, not less and wants to spend less time worrying about their commercial finances.


We specialise in working with partners in LLPs and the professional services sector. We help both established partners and those transitioning, or soon to transition from employee to partner. At the other end of the scales we also support those who are coming to the end of their time as partners and are closer to retirement. We understand the distinctive planning challenges that partners face and can help make the most of the opportunities.

Directors and executives

Our clients include directors who are on the board of established businesses as well as those with their own limited company.

Fundraisers and patrons of trusts, foundations, and charities

We have wide-ranging expertise in working with the charity sector specifically around planning and structuring funds.

For business clients, we take a holistic approach, taking into account what is important to them from a business, personal and community perspective.

For your business

  • Investing cash assets to help maximise returns and tax efficiency
  • Arranging appropriate agreements and insurance with fellow shareholders
  • Protecting against the loss of a key person
  • Protecting the business and identifying risks;
  • Advising on corporate social responsibility
  • Advising on corporate investment planning
  • Putting in place or reviewing employee benefit schemes
  • Helping clients understand salary sacrifice

For your personal finances

  • Creating financial independence from your business 
  • Structuring remuneration both tax-efficiently and cost effectively 
  • Establishing a succession plan through putting in place an effective exit or transition strategy

For your community

  • Facilitating a network of charities to fulfil corporate social responsibility aims
  • Advising on philanthropy
  • Advising on how to develop charity partnerships
  • Advising on accessing other professional contacts
Brochure for business clients

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