Our Charity Partners

Supporting the charity sector will always be a big part of who we are at Anderson Financial Management and we have been nominating our own charity partner since 2015, on average donating around £12,000 per year.

Our Charity Partner Programme combines our own fundraising initiatives with a funding agreement linked directly to the turnover of our business, so when we grow our charitable donations grow with us. We also support other smaller charities through sponsorships and donations.

Empire Fighting Chance (From February 2021)

At Anderson Financial Management we have a real desire to help the most vulnerable young people in our society. With this in mind, in February 2021, we were delighted to add Empire Fighting Chance to our charity partner programme.

Looking after the mental health of young people is now more important than ever. This incredible Bristol based charity successfully combines non-contact boxing and intensive personal support to challenge and inspire young people to realise their potential. The team at Empire work across the South West and South Wales and integrate boxing with mentoring, education, therapy and careers support.

We are working with the team at Empire to help fund a mental health therapist, deliver financial education and support their careers programme.

Penny Brohn UK (2016 – present day)

Many of us at Anderson Financial Management have experienced first-hand the cruel impact cancer can have on individuals and their families. We have nearly all lost friends or family to this dreadful disease and are keen to try to make a difference in whatever way we can.

Penny Brohn UK offers invaluable assistance to those living with cancer through its unique whole person approach. The charity offers a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual support and provides all their services free of charge.

As well as the incredible services provided by the charity, we have all been struck by the sheer passion, energy and commitment of the entire Penny Brohn Team and for that reason decided to forge a longer-term relationship with them.

We support Penny Brohn UK through an annual financial donation and have also sponsored Bungee the Boss (2016), the Mad Hatters Tea Party (2016) 10k running team (2017), and Ladies Long Table Lunch (annually).

Between the start of our partnership in 2016 and February 2021, we donated a total of £46,726 to this well-deserving cause.

It has been a privilege to partner with Anderson Financial Management and they have demonstrated amazing commitment to Penny Brohn UK. Tony and Jess have been extremely active with our charity helping us through sponsorship, networking and participation in events. Most importantly they have taken...

Laura Kerby | Chief Executive, Penny Brohn UK, 2014-2020

Teenage Cancer Trust (2015)

Teenage Cancer Trust was our very first Nominated Charity Partner in 2015. It’s a very special charity and the only one in the UK dedicated to supporting 13-24 year olds who have been diagnosed with cancer. Our aim was not only to raise funds but also to help raise awareness. We supported the charity with a series of fundraising events as well as offering both the time and skills of our team to support several other initiatives.

Tony’s sky dive together with support from our clients meant we were able to donate £11,493.53 to this important cause.